Would You Use A TV Mirror?

TV mirror showing the mirror

Do you know what a TV mirror is? How about a mirror TV? Well you know it’s to do with a TV so in the situation where you want a large new TV but you don’t want the room overpowered by a large screen, then you should opt for a mirror TV. I had never heard the expression although it does make sense – it just means that a special mirror is mounted in front of the TV to hide the fact it is a TV. In other words a hidden TV! The mirrors are very special and made to allow the light from the television to pass through when the TV is operating and to act as a mirror when the TV is off. Mirror TV’s … [read more]

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How To Find The Perfect Decorative Wall Mirror

Mirrors are everywhere, every home has at least one generally many and in lots of rooms too! It is hard to imagine getting dressed in the morning without using a mirror- how would you be sure that your hair is groomed and not a bird’s nest. But there is a difference between having any mirror and … [read more]

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What Makes Glass So Special

Glass as we all know is a very useful substance. Glass has been around for many years, originally a naturally formed substance that man has managed to reproduce, and has found many uses for. Glass is used every day in all sorts of common and specialized ways. We use glass bricks to build with, windows to see out of, all sorts of eye glasses to enable us to see more clearly, we also use crystal stemware to drink from, and crystal jewelry to adorn ourselves and look at ourselves … [read more]

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