CZ Rings – Are They Glass?

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As it happens when one thinks of fake diamond rings one often thinks of glass but cubic zirconium is the most common material for fake diamonds. CZ is not glass although not as hard as a diamond it has a lot of the same properties which is why it is often used for fake diamond rings – and other jewelry. CZ is a synthetic gemstone and is not as cheap as it was when it first came out, because nowadays it is so hard to tell the difference between real diamond … [read more]

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All About Window Glass

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This is any glass used for windows and encompasses plain plate glass and glass used for double glazing units. Generally we need window glass to be strong, safe and keep the heat in or out. The glass used in most windows these days is tempered or safety glass, this means that when it is broken it does not break into a few large sharp pieces, but many smaller pieces that are held together. This increases our home or car security whilst making it safer if children fall into it. To keep heat in or out requires the use of double glazed units or using a window glass film which can help to reduce the amount of sunlight … [read more]

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What Makes Glass So Special

Glass as we all know is a very useful substance. Glass has been around for many years, originally a naturally formed substance that man has managed to reproduce, and has found many uses for. Glass is used every day in all sorts of common and specialized ways. We use glass bricks to build with, windows to see out of, all sorts of eye glasses to enable us to see more clearly, we also use crystal stemware to drink from, and crystal jewelry to adorn ourselves and look at ourselves … [read more]

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