What Is The Best Bathroom Mirror?

Have you ever been in a bathroom without one? It is a very disorienting experience. A mirror is a necessary part of a bathroom routine. There are many features that a mirror can have to help with grooming, such as lights, magnifying sections, heater elements and even the ability to tilt the mirror to suit. Most bathroom mirrors fall into three basic types – bathroom vanity mirrors, bathroom mirror cabinets and illuminated … [read more]

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How To Find The Perfect Decorative Wall Mirror

Mirrors are everywhere, every home has at least one generally many and in lots of rooms too! It is hard to imagine getting dressed in the morning without using a mirror- how would you be sure that your hair is groomed and not a bird’s nest. But there is a difference between having any mirror and … [read more]

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What Makes Glass So Special

Glass as we all know is a very useful substance. Glass has been around for many years, originally a naturally formed substance that man has managed to reproduce, and has found many uses for. Glass is used every day in all sorts of common and specialized ways. We use glass bricks to build with, windows to see out of, all sorts of eye glasses to enable us to see more clearly, we also use crystal stemware to drink from, and crystal jewelry to adorn ourselves and look at ourselves … [read more]

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