I don’t know about you, but my bathroom vanity is cluttered with all sorts of bits and pieces. Mostly it’s to do with make up and perfumes, jewelry and such, but I do have the occasional ornament that I just love and one is my small glass scent bottle. It is a beautiful thing made of glass with silver around the base and a traditional stopper rather than an atomiser. The glass is frosted but I can still see through to check the level of the perfume. Whilst thinking about perfume and scents it occurred to me that I know next to nothing about how perfumes are made, so check out this introduction to perfume making.

Long ago- before the 1900′s, scent was traditionally sold in plain bottles and then transferred into ornate decorative bottles for display. These scent bottles have been produced since the eariliest times – the ancient Egyptians prized perfume and perfume bottles. But the industry really took off in the 1700′s when techniques for decorating glass increased. Glass was enamelled and embellished to make more and more decorative containers for the perfume.  This means that there is a wide and varied range of antique scent bottles for the collector to find and some are worth a small fortune. If you ever felt the need to find out how much antique perfume bottles go for just check out Ebay.

Scent Bottle

All glass designers made perfume bottles today ones by the likes of Sampson or Clichy can be quite expensive. The best place to find an antique scent bottle is in yard sales or charity shops. You may be able to find a bargain as very few people use these perfume bottles today. There are many examples of cut crystal scent bottles out there – go and look!

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