Have you ever received a glass vase as a gift and have no idea what to do with it? The choices are put it away and only bring it out when the person who gave it to you visits or until you have had it for long enough to give it away. Did you know there are lots of ways of using a clear glass vase that you may not have considered? Vases can be filled with almost anything and used as a decorative ornament. You just have to use some imagination.

Glass Vase Filler

glass vase fillerThere are all kinds of thing you can use to fill a glass vase. Some is for use with water and flowers, but others are purely for decoration. If you want to use filler with water then you can look at items like stone, acrylic gems, beach glass, shells, gravel, crystal, marbles and anything else you can think of that will survive in water. If you are adding filler to be the decoration on its own – then the sky is the limit. You can put in candy, balls (golf balls, Christmas baubles, ping pong balls etc) silk flowers, table scatter, colored sand (can be effective if layered in different colors), seed pods, pine cones, fruit or children’s toys. There are so many different items to choose form. Look around your house and see what you can find that will express your personality or possibly just be a storage container. The filler can help to support other items for storage such as makeup brushes etc.

Vase Lighting

Another way to cheer up a dull vase is to add some lights. A quick way is to add some mini or fairy lights into a glass vase (just make sure the glass is heat proof for safety).  An alternative is to use an LED up lighter to sit the vase on. The up lighter can have a single color of phase through a selection of colors and change a plain vase into a blue glass vase!  Another way of taking a vase from daytime into evening is to add a waterproof LED ice cube; this can be added to the fill when the evening comes and change your glass flower vase into an illuminated centerpiece. Alternatively if the glass is rated for use with candles you can add a combination of filler like stones or gravel and a candle to create romantic table decoration.

There are many uses of vases especially tall glass vases, and with a bit of imagination and flair you can make any look stunning and be a pleasure to have in your home. But if you still don’t want that vase them you can always get it recycled and go and buy a Murano glass vase instead!

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