Have you ever been in a bathroom without one? It is a very disorienting experience. A mirror is a necessary part of a bathroom routine. There are many features that a mirror can have to help with grooming, such as lights, magnifying sections, heater elements and even the ability to tilt the mirror to suit. Most bathroom mirrors fall into three basic types – bathroom vanity mirrors, bathroom mirror cabinets and illuminated bathroom mirrors.

Do You Need A Bathroom Mirror Cabinet?

A cabinet allows you to keep all your personal grooming items, medicines and the toothbrush out of sight! This is great for those of us that an uncluttered looks to the bathroom. The mirror is mounted on the front of the cabinet door. The cabinet can either be mounted on the wall or recessed into the wall- an invisible cupboard to store all your bits! Often mirror cabinets are frame less to keep the weight down, but you could consider those with designs etched onto the glass if you would like something to lift the glass.

An Illuminated Bathroom Mirror To Light Up Your Face

We all need to have good lighting to be able to carefully and safely shave our faces or deftly apply the makeup. With bathroom mirror lights the light is just where you need it. There are two methods of lighting mirrors – external and internal. By that we mean lights mounted around the edge of the mirror or back-lit mirrors where the lights are placed under the surface of the mirror to give a soft focus. There are also different lighting effects that can be used – incandescent lights, LED lights and fluorescent lights. The incandescent lights are the traditional method of externally lighting the mirror and these days are being replaced with compact fluorescent lights. Fluorescent lights in this case would mean a tube, which provides a cooler light. LED lights are becoming more readily available and are attractive due to their long life, low power consumption, they are also light weight and bright. They give off a different light to the fluorescent bulbs, so be sure to check out the lighting effect before you buy.

Just A Bathroom Vanity Mirror

The traditional mirror over the sink is now the bathroom vanity mirror. A vanity mirror can coordinate with your vanity unit or can be a frame less mirror of any kind. Most bathroom mirrors will be large to give plenty of room to see all you need to.

There are other features that bathroom mirrors can have to help with the use of the bathroom and grooming. If your dislike the effect of steam in the bathroom you can have a heated bathroom mirror which works much like a car demister to keep the mirror clear. Having a small mirror mounted on a pivot arm can allow you to see into difficult to see places easily. A wall mount magnifying mirror can be very useful to apply makeup if you normally wear glasses.

Understanding what you want from a mirror will help you to find the best bathroom mirror to suit your needs and allow your mornings to flow smoothly. And just because a mirror is a very functional item does not mean it has to be boring there are many interesting designs available that combine style and use.

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