Mirrors are everywhere, every home has at least one generally many and in lots of rooms too! It is hard to imagine getting dressed in the morning without using a mirror- how would you be sure that your hair is groomed and not a bird’s nest. But there is a difference between having any mirror and finding the perfect decorative wall mirror. The hunt for the perfect mirror requires a good look at what you will use it for, where it will hang and any interior decor it may have to match with. Once you have considered these points you will be well on your way to getting the perfect mirror.

What is the Main Use of this mirror?

What will you use it for – well obviously for looking it, but is it just utilitarian or will it also be an ornament, an element of interior decor or even a work of art?  Wall mirrors came in such a variety of shapes there are round mirrors, large wall mirrors, oval, antique even such a thing as a wall mount magnifying mirror. Do you just need a large mirror to check how you look on the way out of the door or an ornate antique mirror to hang on the wall and admire. Mirror can also be used to reflect light around gloomier areas. If you are intending to use a mirror for this purpose then you need a large wall mirror rather than a small one.

Where is it to hang?

Usually we have a place in mind before we start looking. This is because we generally need say a bathroom mirror. In this case the mirror will be one that suits the moist conditions of a bathroom. If you are looking for a hallway mirror then you have more scope to be artistic. By considering where you will be placing your mirror you will take into account the size of mirror. The size can be determined by the space available on the wall and how much of it you wish the mirror to cover. A larger wall area can usually take a larger mirror.

Style And Finish.

Do you have any existing decor that you wish to match the decorative wall mirror to? If you room is already furnished in a rustic style then you will usually be considering a matching mirror. Do you have a color scheme that the mirror has to tone with? If your room has no theme then you can have a lot of fun in choosing the style of wall mirror. There are so many different kinds and many differing finishes available. A mirror can be star shaped it can be a work of art, timber framed or wrought iron, gilt or with no frame. The edge of the mirror can be etched glass of sand blasted to give an unusual effect. The shape of the mirror can also vary to make a statement or be a simple shape.

Once you have chosen your mirror take care to hang it properly to get the best effect. If you have followed these simple tips all you will have to do is enjoy your reflection every time you walk past the perfect wall mirror!

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