In these days of space saving gadgets and with everything getting smaller all the time, is a full length mirror a necessity or can it be replaced with a compact or wall mirror? I believe that every house need a full length mirror – to be completely vain how else can you see the complete picture? Now not everyone has a fashion diva (aka teenage child) to contend with and they may consider that a full length wall mirror that takes up most of the wall is a bit of overkill. I would disagree – everyone needs to see what they look like- the whole thing not just whether your hair is neat.

Free Standing Full Length Mirror

Modern Full Length Mirror

In fact I would say that you should have one mirror in the house that is the largest you can find, that way you can see yourself in total. A full length dressing mirror doesn’t just have to be a mirror it can be an item of furniture in its own right. A free standing full length mirror can be exquisite as it can be a folding affair very elegant and glamorous. Can you imagine yourself standing in front of one of those- very nineteen fifties! Today it is possible to get a full length floor mirror made in stainless steel so it looks very sleek and modern to suit the minimalist interior designer.

Full Length Wall Mirror

If space is an issue then a wall mounted mirror may be a better option than a free standing one. Wall mounted mirror take up little space and only require the wall space to mount them.  If you are looking for a lot of mirror for a little cost then you may be able achieve it using mirror tiles.  It is possible to get mirror tiles to make up a mirror of any size and that may be a way to get a cheap full length mirror. Look on line for stores that sell flat pack mirrors. Using tiles it is also possible to be creative with the design of your mirror.

If you have a more traditional interior décor then you may wish to consider an antique full length mirror. These can be found by searching though antique stores or keeping an eye on Ebay listings. Most mirrors are available in a variety of wooden styles such as oak

Every home should have at least one full length mirror otherwise how would the little angels(your darling children) get to see themselves in all their glory!

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