Touch lamps are the magic lamps that require no switch to operate. Aren’t they cool! All you have to do is touch the lamp base which is usually made of metal to turn the light on or off (and also to change the brightness). This works due to capacitance- storage of charge. Basically the human body has an amount of capacitance and when the lamp is touched the overall capacitance of the lamp is changed and that is used to activate the lamp. Most of these kinds of lamps have the ability to change the lighting level in 3 levels- low, medium and high. They will only work when touched and by someone large enough to hold a significant amount of charge. A pet will be unable to turn on these kinds of lights!

As you can see touch lamps are available in most designs that regular lamps can be found in. Popular configurations include touch desk lamps and table touch lamps. They are so easy to use- no more searching or fiddling to find the switch, just a simple tap on the base and you will have light! The lamp base has to metal for a touch lamp switch to operate.
It is possible to change your regular table light to a touch sensitive one if you have experience of wiring, otherwise getting a qualified professional would be a good idea. It is a matter of including a sensor module in your existing light and is simply added – there are instructions available on line. This is especially useful if you have interior lights that match you decor, but would like to have touch sensitive lighting in your room.

Glass touch lamps can add lovely effect to your room and make it easy for elderly and infirm people to turn on the lights when necessary. Check them out today.

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