Murano has a long history with quality glass making. This Venetian island, close to Venice, has producing gorgeous handmade glass for several centuries.  The first Guild for Beadmaking was started in the 1300’s and the making for beads stems from then. More recently Murano has gained the attention of the fashionable women with Pandora charm bracelets. Pandora has become synonymous with style and is one of the must have jewelry collections of today. Murano glass beads can be found in many shades to fit expressly on Pandora style bracelets and necklaces. The styles for Pandora come with either sterling silver or gold cores, and are labeled with the Pandora label around the edge of the metalwork.

Murano glass is very attractive and its appeal lies in the way they blend colors together, adding swirls and other artwork to the beads to make them unique, and in the clarity of the glass, which comes from the raw materials. Murano glass is a glass manufactured from soda ash. Each bead is handmade in either the main factory on Murano or the second newer factory on the mainland. The beads are made from a bead cane and worked over a torch, just as they were made back in the 12th century! Originally known as Venetian beads they have come to be called Murano Glass beads, and include millefiori bead, sommerso beads, fiorato beads, foil beads, dichroic beads, blown beads, furnace beads and  lampwork beads,

Of course Murano make glass beads for many other companies as well. There are even tourists who include Murano in their itineraries to collect pieces direct from the manufacturer. The glass beads today are made in the same way as they were hundreds of years ago, although modern techniques are incorporated into the glass that they use.

There are many uses of Murano glass beads. Jewelry makers collect a variety of contrasting beads together to make a Murano glass bead necklace, you can even chose the color scheme you would like to match with a favorite outfit or to fit with a special occasion such as a wedding or christening.

There is no doubt that Murano glass has proved its quality throughout the centuries and is well worth the investment. With the enormous range os glass beads available they will be around for many years to come.

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