Everyone has heard of a martini. James Bond brought it into popular culture. There are martini clubs around and many people enjoy mixing their own special recipes. The original martini has no definite origin – some purport it was invented in the 1860s others suggest that it was merely named after the Martini Rosso drink when it first came to America. Whatever the origins ,the well known martini glass did not appear until many years later – well into the 20th century.

Martini Glass Courtesy elvinstar www.sxc.hu

Martini Glass Courtesy elvinstar www.sxc.hu

The martini glass is a modified cocktail glass, basically an inverted cone mounted on a glass stem. The theory goes something like this- the martini drink is served without ice in a chilled glass, in order to keep the drink a cool as possible the glass is only handled by the stem. Historically there was only one form of glass but today there are many such as the large martini glass, oversized martini glass, hand painted martini glass and even a stemless martini glass. For those occasions when you need to bear safety in mind there is the plastic Martini glass. There is even a justification for the broad top – that is to allow the full bouquet of the gin! Today cocktail glasses come with a variety of differnt style of stems – anything from the perfectly straight crystal stem to a zig zag style stem.

The traditional martini cocktail is made from gin and vermouth mixed together in a cold glass strained and served with an olive, no ice- this is called straight up. There are so many variations – including James Bonds shaken not stirred! Many martini lovers get together to try out new recipes and variations. There is also a vodka martini, which will have less taste than the traditional drink. The martini is eponymous with cocktail parties and hen nights, leading many people to try to find alternatives to the alcohol. Unfortunately a martini is mostly alcohol, so removing the alcohol means it is no longer a martini just a drink in a martini glass!

The other use of this kind of glass is the girl in the martini glass performance – although this is usually to be found at male parties!

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