Everyone has a candle holder these days, in fact most people I know have many more than one! Even my children have multiple candle holders! There is such a choice in style, design, wall mounted or floor, glass, ceramic, wrought iron. It seems as if there are so many to choose from why you would ever need a new one. I have a glass candle holder that just plays the light out so nicely when it is lit, but then my wrought iron candle holder is so elegant with its many hanging lights. Let’s have a look at the common types or candle holder around

Glass Candle Holder

photo courtesy www.sxc.hu paiviti

photo courtesy www.sxc.hu paiviti

This can be clear glass or colored and any size although the most common would be the votive holder. Traditionally a votive candle was used to offer worship to which ever deity you subscribed to. The candle was small enough to burn overnight and the holder that they were burnt in became known as the votive candle holder. Today votive candle holders are among the most common in the world and are available in an amazing range of styles and colors. Anything from mosaic candle holders to  simple plain glass ones or perhaps a holder with an etched design on it. They are small and usually low cost and readily available that it is easy to see the advantage of having a lot. The effect from a lot of small candles placed around a room is very seductive. The hurricane candle holder is an example of a larger glass holder. This can also be colored, etched or patterned, although traditionally the hurricane holder was clear glass and designed to keep the flame alight in windy conditions.

Wrought Iron Candle Holder

These evoke feeling of day’s long past- the Middle Ages and castles! I have two wrought iron holders one is a floor candle holder the other is a hanging candle holder. The floor holder has just a single candle and is designed for one large pillar candle; the other has six hanging candles in glass holders that will sway gently in the breeze. I love the effect of the glass and iron together; it is a mixture of historical elegance and sparkling light- just lovely.

Wall Candle Holder

This are also known as candle sconces and are quite popular. A wall holder is fixed securely to the wall- no-one wants a lighted to candle to fall off the wall. Many styles can be found; ones with tealight candle holders can have some interesting background designs with metal work and mirrors or be funky shapes.

Crystal Candle holder

This is a variation on the glass holder, but crystal produces such amazing reflections that is deserves a mention all of its own. Many of the big name crystal companies produce candle sticks, so you can match with existing crystal that you own or get some different styles. Companies like Swarovski, Waterford, Orrefors to name a few.

Whatever type of candle holders you own, you are sure to have a favorite – but can you pick just one?

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