Glass tiles have been around for many thousands of years. They were used to depict scenes throughout history from Roman villas to medieval fountains.  Today we mostly use glass tiles in our homes and one of the most common forms are glass mosaic tiles.  Glass is popular for tiles because it is strong, hardwearing, and available to many sizes, shades and styles. Glass as a material is almost unsurpassed for interior and exterior appeal. Glass can be easily cleaned, is acid and alkali proof, does not stain or absorb substances, it is mildew and mold resistant and many forms are available that can withstand very hot and very cold temperatures – a truly versatile product.

Types Of Glass Tiles

There are 4 main types of glass tile namely vitreous, crystal, metallic and iridescent.

Vitreous glass tiles are the most common, the glass is speckled and slightly rough to the touch, the tile is tough and hardwearing (vitreous means stone like). These are the tiles most likely to be used on floors or countertops.

Crystal tiles are glass with color fired on to the back, more expensive, but much less hardwearing, they scratch easily and are prone to fade in sunlight.

Metallic tiles are glass with small flakes of copper added which reflects the light and gives the tile a gold sheen, again more expensive, but hardier than crystal tiles.

Iridescent glass tiles where the surface of the glass is covered in mineral salts or metal oxides and fired at high temperatures. These are also expensive and tend to scratch and therefore are not recommended for floors.

Uses Of Glass Tiles

Glass Tiles can be used in many places around the home, both inside and outside to great effect. Popular uses include bathrooms, showers, spas, pools, kitchen splash backs, countertops (more often outside kitchens), fireplaces, and entry ways or just for feature walls. The great advantage of glass mosaic tiles is that there are so many colors and styles available you can choose a very personal and unique design for your home.  You can find glass backsplash tiles and glass floor tiles. To keep the costs down you can mix the styles by having metallic or iridescent tiles used as an accent or border around vitreous tiles or even ceramic tiles if you desire. If you choose to use discount glass tiles be sure that you check the quality and supply for imperfections and uniformity of size and thickness.

Today many glass tiles are available in a range of sizes and shapes; anything from square or rectangle to round and even oval is now available. Using iridescent oval glass mosaic tiles looks stunning as kitchen glass back splash tiles.

glass_wall_tilesOne of the hardest things with glass wall tiles is to get the color choices correct. If you are going for the traditional multicolored random mosaic effect rather than an actual design, you would be advised to stick to 3-5 colors. Too many colors make it look messy. If you choose 3 toning colors and one special color that you can tie into other decor (like the countertop or curtains) you will be on the right lines.

Whilst it is possible to tile your walls with mosaic tiles yourself you would be advised to get some good advice about adhesives to use and what surface preparations are required. Also you will need to be aware (or have an experienced installer who is aware) of the different ways the tiles can be supplied and how to install them correctly.

With using glass tiles be creative and do not be afraid to use the different styles of tile to good effect. After all these tiles will last a good long time and you will want to happy with the end result.

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