Glass is a truly versatile material and is being used more and more in internal and external building work, as well as in feature effects both inside and outside. Glass bricks are glass cubes that are gaining in popularity both more and more interesting uses. A glass brick shower has been seen in the home improvement magazines, a glass block window is becoming more common, as are glass feature walls in kitchen, hallways and even outside the house. The properties of glass lend it to being used in places where light is important and especially getting light into areas that would otherwise be dark. Glass block walls are great for passing light through whilst still providing a barrier and screen.  Depending upon the project you have in mind you can use frosted, textured or colored blocks for effective use in privacy and as part of a unique design.

Let’s look at some popular uses-

Glass block shower- in this case you need light into what could be a dark area and whilst some element of obscurity is appreciated it is not paramount. Colored blocks can be used to make the screen look like a feature wall and not simply a blank wall.

Glass block windows- The great thing about these is that combine design with privacy and make use of the thermal and sound reduction capabilities of glass blocks. Accessories are very important in these windows like air vented blocks, dryer vent blocks and specially designed opening sections. This allows moisture to escape and provides ventilation into potentially damp areas.

Glass BlocksGlass Block Wall – a feature wall usually to allow light to reach areas of the home that would otherwise not get enough, areas like hallways or stairs. These feature walls allow for artistic flair in the design and shaping of the wall. Walls can be curved or use patterned and colored glass blocks to change to effect of the wall. Special accessories such as end caps can be added. End caps can also be colored. The wall can be shaped in steps or designed so that it has open parts in it. Specialty blocks of differing shapes can be used to give the wall a three dimensional effect.

Glass Block Crafts – these are special pre drilled blocks to allow lights or other special effects to be added. If using lights, use low powered lights such as LED or fiber optic lights. These kinds of blocks can also be added to walls to make pleasing lighting effects at night.

As you can see there are many uses for glass building blocks.Installation of glass walls is easy in principle and whilst the competent handyman should be able to follow instructions given by most reputable glass suppliers, there is nothing to beat advice from a experienced glass installer. A glass block feature wall will add to you home and provide light into dull areas. whilst being easy to clean and maintain. Well worth considering for your next project!

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