Basements can be dark, dull and have too much moisture. Adding a glass block window to your basement can make it much lighter, whilst retaining privacy as well as providing a means to ventilate the basement. This can be the start of changing the use of your basement from storage area to an extra space in your home!

Glass bricks are strong; made from tempered glass and are available in a variety of thicknesses. The thickness of the bricks will affect how much light makes it through the window. The kind of glass brick i.e. whether frosted or patterned or colored will also affect how much light is allowed through and also how much privacy is allowed. For use in basements it is the accessories that will make the most impact. The use or specialty blocks like air vents and dryer vents can make a huge difference to the basement space. Air vent bricks are specially designed to allow air the pass and many have mesh to keep out the critters! A dryer vent is a block with a special hole cut to allow the dryer pipe to be attached, there is usually a cover for when the dryer is not in use. Another special accessory is a frame to allow you an opening section in the window. Many companies also offer fire rated glass blocks adding yet another level of safety to your home.

The thermal properties of glass blocks are another reason to consider them for basement window replacement. A glass brick window is similar to a double glazed window in keeping the heat in and the cold out. You don’t have to install blinds for thermal reasons. Glass blocks also have sound insulating properties which can be worth checking out if you use your basement for aspiring musicians to practice in! Many companies also offer a service of pre ordering a ready made glass block window to allow for easy replacement of an existing window. These pre-prepared units often come with additional safety features to ensure that the window cannot be easily removed.

Glass block basement windows can add your safety, reduce moisture problems and add light to your basement. If you also consider that you can add some artistic flair to the colors and designs you use, you can have a unique window for your basement that is also functional too.

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