When we think of chandeliers we think of large elegant rooms usually from ancestral houses. Chandeliers give a touch of class to a room, and your room does not need to be very large for you to use chandelier lights to good effect. There is a large selection of chandelier lights available and they can be anything from the ornate crystal chandelier light, wrought iron black chandelier light or even antler chandeliers. A basic chandelier consists of one tier with some lights mounted on it, decorations of glass and more tiers and designs were added as society developed. Now you can find a 3 light chandelier , a five light chandelier , a 6 light chandelier and more. The largest Chandelier in the world has 750 lamps- you would need a large space to hang that! There are modern designs, art noveau designs, but by far the most popular are crystal chandeliers.  A Crystal chandelier adds a touch of class to room, but you need to consider where you are hanging it and access to it before deciding which chandelier to install.

Chandelier Light Position

The position of a chandelier is important- the room height and breadth will affect the size of chandelier that will suit the space best. Obviously a larger and tall room can take, well, needs a large chandelier. A chandelier to be fitted over a dining table need to be more compact and the height adjusted correctly – too low will irritate your guests and distract from your meal, too high will not provide enough light. As a general rule, lights should not be below eye line when standing and should not extend beyond the edges of the table. In general light airy chandeliers look bigger and require more space than smaller more compact styles. If you are thinking of installing a crystal chandelier then you may need more space than an antler chandelier.

Installing a Chandelier Light

Chandelier by ngould www.sxc.hu

Chandelier by ngould www.sxc.hu

Installing a chandelier requires more than just choosing one you like the best . The ceiling that the chandelier will be hung from needs to be strong enough to take the weight, as chandeliers can be very heavy. All that glass weighs a ton! You may need to get advice from your local electrician as to whether you need extra chandelier light fixtures to hold the chandelier securely in place. Another important consideration is cleaning. A glass chandelier looks stunning when it is very clean and sparkling with the lights, but a dusty chandelier can ruin the effect, so your chandelier will need more regular cleaning than other light shades to look its best. This means you will need easy access to the crystal parts to wash them. How easy is it to get to your chandelier -in terms of height and can you remove the crystals from the fitting  to clean them? I know with my glass candle holders; how much nicer the light is when the glass has just been cleaned and everything sparkles like new.

A Broken Chandelier Light?

If you have an old chandelier with broken parts what can you do? Well there are many specialist stores, both in the real world and online that offer replacement parts. In some cases you may be able to get an antique replacement part to exactly match your chandelier, otherwise most suppliers will be able to offer the same style and fitting for your broken parts. If at all possible try to get the store to match the quality of the glass and any reflective finishes applied to help the new piece match the rest of the chandelier.

Chandeliers are also being used outside to give style and elegance to the outside room. A candle chandelier can make the patio area feel very special for an evening meal or special occasion.r lighting

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