Healing crystals are natural crystals for healing and to promote energy and well being.  No-one really knows all the properties that crystals have or understands them, but there is no doubt that they have some unique abilities. Crystals are thought to be susceptible to light and vibration energies and it is these energies that crystal healers believe cause changes to the body’s energy systems promoting healing and well being.  There are many different types of healing crystal each with its own color and crystalline structure and therefore different effect on the body. All these are used in crystal healing and crystal healing practitioners use them in different ways because all different crystal healing stones have different meanings and can help alleviate different stresses.

There are three basic crystals that healers believe that everyone should have near them namely, amethyst, rose quartz and hematite. Their crystal healing properties are listed. Amethyst is good for grounding and balancing. It helps a person to be calm and aware of the spiritual aspects of life. Rose Quartz aids a person to love them self and others, to accept and have inner peace. Hematite is about peace and calm, removing the desire for aggression. These three healing crystals will help anyone with their everyday life. Crystal healing stones cannot harm you unless you rely on them excluding professional medical advice.

Crystal healers believe that crystals contain vibration energy and that they need to be cleansed, charged and programmed to be the most effective. Cleansing is easily achieved by soaking the crystal in salt water or buring it in the ground or even placed in water under the moonlight. The structure and abilities of crystal are not yet understood and although most results seen are anecdotal, many people swear that they add to the quality of life. Charging a crystal is done by placing it in full moonlight over night. Programming is a way of giving the crystal a message about you use for it and involves taling a charged cleansed crystal and hold a very clear thought in your mind as to its purpose.

Healing Crystal Wand

Crystal healers often use a “wand” to administer healing. A crystal wand is a piece of faceted clear quartz that has a point at one end. The healing power of crystals is directed down the wand to the part of the body where there is an energy blockage to help clear it. A practitioner will often places crystal on parts of the body to line up with the chakras. The chakras are defined as energy centers on the body and are often  represented by different colors, each center affects the main organs or body parts near it. Healing with crystals usually requires the placement of crystals of the chakra choosing the crystal that will best heal the individual, as well crystals at the head and feet.

What can you do as an everyday measure to benefit from crystal healing properties? It is as simple as having healing crystals in your pocket or wearing crystal jewelry – just make sure there is no metal around the crystal as it is thought that disrupts the effects of the energy. Or you can place crystals around your home and workplace. Having crystals in your workspace and around your home can add to the feelings of peace, keeping them on your person is the most effective.

It is easy to choose crystal – visit a crystal shop and choose one that appeals to you. It is likely that any that appeal to you are the ones you need most right now. Cleansing, charging and programming are easy and need to be done at regular intervals. There – see how easy it is to invite calm and positive effects into your life.

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