What are you waiting for? Glass nail files have been around for over 50 years and whilst glass can be fragile it can also be extremely strong – It’s all in how you use it. There are numerous advantages of using glass for nails; the most compelling is the finish that these files can leave your nails with. They are more even ands smoother than you can achieve with an emery board.  Anyway let’s check them out more fully.

Function – a nail file is to allow you to shape and smooth your nails. An emery board will work and is better than a metal file which will tear your nails, but glass is the best kept secret around.  A glass file has no sharp edges to catch you skin on, it gives you the best manicure you will ever have, short of getting someone else to do it for you. You can use glass files on your own nails and your nail extensions equally well. You can also use in to remove the hard skin from around the nail or on your heels. Glass nail files comes in different lengths and widths for the different function you will use them for, they can also be found in different grades fine, or rough the rough file being more suitable for skin than nails.

Hygiene – Well have you ever tried to wash an emery board? = well they are never quite the same again and the metal files well they rust and have to thrown away – that is assuming that you would ever use one on your nails anyway! Glass nail files can be easily washed, even sterilized and reused. This is great for professional manicurists – not only can you give a great manicure but you can reuse your files safely and hygienically.  If you will be sterilizing your glass files you need to consider how their designs will wear.

Durable – a glass nail file will never wear out. The glass is especially made tempered and hardened glass for strength. The best producers are said to be the Czech glass nail files manufacturers – their expertise in crystal and glass manufacture is renowned. You will not be able to break a glass nail file using it to file your nails. You will be able to break it by dropping it on a hard surface. Glass is breakable in the right circumstances. For this reason it is recommended that you make sure your glass file has a protective case and you use it all the time.

Design – just imagination how decorative your nail file can become when it is washable and will last a lifetime. You can find hand painted glass nail files and crystal decorated ones. You can have any manner of embellishments stuck on the nail file – even the Swarovski crystal glass nail file is popular

Gentle Filing – that is better for your nails. The glass surface is especially prepared using an acid etch to create the fine abrasive surface for filing your nails. This surface will never wear down. And is constant across the surface of the file – you won’t have to hunt for a space on the file that will work anymore! Regular use can leave your nail with less splitting and cracking than other nail files and a much smoother finish.

Variety – glass nail files come in a range of sizes to allow you to choose the best ones for your needs. If you intend to use the glass file to remove rough skin from your feet then you will need a larger thicker file say a 195mm long files that is 3mm thick

Decorated Crystal Glass Nail FilesA gift – giving a decorative glass nail file as a gift would be a lovely idea. You can choose a design or decoration that suits the person. You can even give them to men – to help them clean and care for their hands and feet.

Nail files have come a long way from the emery board  and glass nail files change the essential hand tool to a work of art and gift that anyone would be glad to receive.  Beautiful to look at and so much better for your hands – what are you waiting for!

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