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All About Window Glass

This is any glass used for windows and encompasses plain plate glass and glass used for double glazing units. Generally we need window glass to be strong, safe and keep the heat in or out. The glass used in most windows these days is tempered or safety glass, this means that when it is broken it does not break into a few large sharp pieces, but many smaller pieces that are held together. This increases our home or car security whilst making it safer if children fall into it. To keep heat in or out requires the use of double glazed units or using a window glass film which can help to reduce the amount of sunlight … [read more]

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Glass Blocks For Showers, Windows And More

Glass is a truly versatile material and is being used more and more in internal and external building work, as well as in feature effects both inside and outside. Glass bricks are glass cubes that are gaining in popularity both more and more interesting uses. A glass brick shower has been seen in the home improvement magazines, a glass block window is becoming more common, as are glass feature walls in kitchen, hallways and even outside the house. The properties of glass lend it to being used in places where light is important and especially getting light into areas that would otherwise be dark. Glass block walls are great for passing light … [read more]

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Do You Need Glass Block Basement Windows?

Basements can be dark, dull and have too much moisture. Adding a glass block window to your basement can make it much lighter, whilst retaining privacy as well as providing a means to ventilate the basement. This can be the start of changing the use of your basement from storage area to an extra space in your home! … [read more]

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Choosing And Using Glass Bricks In Your Home

Glass is an amazing material to use for interior or exterior structures, it is strong, but allows light through, it is easy to clean yet waterproof, these days it can even be made fire rated for additional safety. Glass bricks or glass blocks as they are also known are being used both inside the home and outside in some stunning designs. Most of us have seen or heard of glass walls for shower screens, but glass bricks have so many more uses in the kitchen, bathroom, office building use them for entire facades, they are no longer just a plain glass wall. Blocks come on different sizes, shapes, colors and effects. The reasons for choosing glass include the aesthetics and textural appeal of the material, it’s strength, light transmission properties … [read more]

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