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How Many Different Glass Ornaments Do You Have?

Glass is a very versatile material and artists have been producing glass ornamentation for thousands of years. Initially glass was discovered in its natural state, but as man discovered how to make and manipulate glass its uses increased dramatically. The earliest ornaments were glass perfume bottles produced around 700BC by the Phoenicians. Today we have glass in use in every room in the house and whilst much of it is for everyday use, we also enjoy the … [read more]

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What Your Scent Bottle Says About You?

I don’t know about you, but my bathroom vanity is cluttered with all sorts of bits and pieces. Mostly it’s to do with make up and perfumes, jewelry and such, but I do have the occasional ornament that I just love and one is my small glass scent bottle. It is a beautiful thing made of glass with silver around the base and a traditional stopper rather than an atomiser. The glass is frosted but I can still see through to check … [read more]

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Do You Have A Favorite Candle Holder?

Everyone has a candle holder these days, in fact most people I know have many more than one! Even my children have multiple candle holders! There is such a choice in style, design, wall mounted or floor, glass, ceramic, wrought iron. It seems as if there are so many to choose from why you would ever need a new one. I have a glass candle holder that just plays the light out so nicely when it is lit, but then my wrought iron candle holder is so elegant with its many hanging l … [read more]

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Haven’t You Got Glass Nail Files Yet?

What are you waiting for? Glass nail files have been around for over 50 years and whilst glass can be fragile it can also be extremely strong – It’s all in how you use it. There are numerous advantages of using glass for nails; the most compelling is the finish that these files can leave your nails with. They are more even ands smoother than you can achieve with an emery board.  Anyway let’s check them out more … [read more]

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What To Do With that Plain Glass Vase

Have you ever received a glass vase as a gift and have no idea what to do with it? The choices are put it away and only bring it out when the person who gave it to you visits or until you have had it for long enough to give it away. Did you know there are lots of ways of using a clear glass vase that you may not have considered? Vases can be filled with almost anything and used as a decorative ornament. You just have to use … [read more]

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