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What’s Cool About Touch Lamps?

Touch lamps are the magic lamps that require no switch to operate. Aren’t they cool! All you have to do is touch the lamp base which is usually made of metal to turn the light on or off (and also to change the brightness). This works due to capacitance- storage of charge. Basically the human body has an amount of capacitance and when the lamp is touched the overall capacitance of the lamp is changed and that is used to activate the lamp. Most of these kinds of lamps have the ability … [read more]

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Tips On Choosing A Chandelier Light

When we think of chandeliers we think of large elegant rooms usually from ancestral houses. Chandeliers give a touch of class to a room, and your room does not need to be very large for you to use chandelier lights to good effect. There is a large selection of chandelier lights available and they can be anything from the ornate crystal chandelier light, wrought iron black chandelier light or even antler chandeliers. A basic chandelier consists of one tier with some lights mounted on it, decorations of glass and more tiers and designs were added as society developed. Now you can find a 3 light chandelier , a five light chandelier … [read more]

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Glass Lamp Shades – Where Do You Start?

There are so many different lamp shades that it is hard to know how to go about looking for new or replacement glass lamp shades.  When looking for a new shade you will be asked about the size of the fitter, which is the diameter of the part of the shade that fits onto the lamp base. These vary with bases and styles. Some styles come in a range of fitters; other styles are typically only made with one size. It is important to understand that you have to measure the widest part of the base or seat, and that the correct shade for that size of fitter will actually measure a smaller number. Confusing isn’t it! Just remember that if your base is a 2 ¾” … [read more]

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