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Murano Glass Beads For Your Pandora?

Murano has a long history with quality glass making. This Venetian island, close to Venice, has producing gorgeous handmade glass for several centuries.  The first Guild for Beadmaking was started in the 1300’s and the making for beads stems from then. More recently Murano has gained the attention of the fashionable women with Pandora charm bracelets. Pandora has become synonymous with style and is one of the must have jewelry collections of today. Murano glass beads can be found in many … [read more]

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CZ Rings – Are They Glass?

As it happens when one thinks of fake diamond rings one often thinks of glass but cubic zirconium is the most common material for fake diamonds. CZ is not glass although not as hard as a diamond it has a lot of the same properties which is why it is often used for fake diamond rings – and other jewelry. CZ is a synthetic gemstone and is not as cheap as it was when it first came out, because nowadays it is so hard to tell the difference between real diamond … [read more]

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