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Do You Have A Favorite Candle Holder?

Everyone has a candle holder these days, in fact most people I know have many more than one! Even my children have multiple candle holders! There is such a choice in style, design, wall mounted or floor, glass, ceramic, wrought iron. It seems as if there are so many to choose from why you would ever need a new one. I have a glass candle holder that just plays the light out so nicely when it is lit, but then my wrought iron candle holder is so elegant with its many hanging l … [read more]

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Do You Have Yours In A Large Martini Glass?

Everyone has heard of a martini. James Bond brought it into popular culture. There are martini clubs around and many people enjoy mixing their own special recipes. The original martini has no definite origin – some purport it was invented in the 1860s others suggest that it was merely named after the Martini Rosso drink when it first came to America. Whatever the origins ,the well known martini glass did not appear until many years later … [read more]

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