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Planning New Glass Shower Doors?

Planning to get rid of that shower curtain and replace it with a funky glass shower door? Here’s some important and not so important things to consider on your journey to a more stylish bathroom.

The first thing to consider is what you currently have -are you planning a shower door over a bathtub or for a freestanding shower unit? For a bathtub … [read more]

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Tips On Choosing A Chandelier Light

When we think of chandeliers we think of large elegant rooms usually from ancestral houses. Chandeliers give a touch of class to a room, and your room does not need to be very large for you to use chandelier lights to good effect. There is a large selection of chandelier lights available and they can be anything from the ornate crystal chandelier light, wrought iron black chandelier light or even antler chandeliers. A basic chandelier consists of one tier with some lights mounted on it, decorations of glass and more tiers and designs were added as society developed. Now you can find a 3 light chandelier , a five light chandelier … [read more]

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Glass Lamp Shades – Where Do You Start?

There are so many different lamp shades that it is hard to know how to go about looking for new or replacement glass lamp shades.  When looking for a new shade you will be asked about the size of the fitter, which is the diameter of the part of the shade that fits onto the lamp base. These vary with bases and styles. Some styles come in a range of fitters; other styles are typically only made with one size. It is important to understand that you have to measure the widest part of the base or seat, and that the correct shade for that size of fitter will actually measure a smaller number. Confusing isn’t it! Just remember that if your base is a 2 ¾” … [read more]

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Glass Tiles Can Be Used All Around Your House

Glass tiles have been around for many thousands of years. They were used to depict scenes throughout history from Roman villas to medieval fountains.  Today we mostly use glass tiles in our homes and one of the most common forms are glass mosaic tiles.  Glass is popular for tiles because it is strong, hardwearing, and available to many sizes, shades and styles. Glass as a material is almost unsurpassed for interior and exterior appeal. Glass can be easily cleaned, is acid and alkali proof, does not stain or absorb substances, it is mildew and mold resistant and many forms are available that can withstand … [read more]

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Glass Blocks For Showers, Windows And More

Glass is a truly versatile material and is being used more and more in internal and external building work, as well as in feature effects both inside and outside. Glass bricks are glass cubes that are gaining in popularity both more and more interesting uses. A glass brick shower has been seen in the home improvement magazines, a glass block window is becoming more common, as are glass feature walls in kitchen, hallways and even outside the house. The properties of glass lend it to being used in places where light is important and especially getting light into areas that would otherwise be dark. Glass block walls are great for passing light … [read more]

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Do You Need Glass Block Basement Windows?

Basements can be dark, dull and have too much moisture. Adding a glass block window to your basement can make it much lighter, whilst retaining privacy as well as providing a means to ventilate the basement. This can be the start of changing the use of your basement from storage area to an extra space in your home! … [read more]

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Choosing And Using Glass Bricks In Your Home

Glass is an amazing material to use for interior or exterior structures, it is strong, but allows light through, it is easy to clean yet waterproof, these days it can even be made fire rated for additional safety. Glass bricks or glass blocks as they are also known are being used both inside the home and outside in some stunning designs. Most of us have seen or heard of glass walls for shower screens, but glass bricks have so many more uses in the kitchen, bathroom, office building use them for entire facades, they are no longer just a plain glass wall. Blocks come on different sizes, shapes, colors and effects. The reasons for choosing glass include the aesthetics and textural appeal of the material, it’s strength, light transmission properties … [read more]

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