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How Many Different Glass Ornaments Do You Have?

Glass is a very versatile material and artists have been producing glass ornamentation for thousands of years. Initially glass was discovered in its natural state, but as man discovered how to make and manipulate glass its uses increased dramatically. The earliest ornaments were glass perfume bottles produced around 700BC by the Phoenicians. Today we have glass in use in every room in the house and whilst much of it is for everyday use, we also enjoy the … [read more]

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The Top Three Healing Crystals

Healing crystals are natural crystals for healing and to promote energy and well being.  No-one really knows all the properties that crystals have or understands them, but there is no doubt that they have some unique abilities. Crystals are thought to be susceptible to light and vibration energies and it is these energies that crystal healers believe cause changes to the body’s energy systems promoting healing and well being.  There are many different types of healing crystal each with its own color and crystalline structure and therefore different effect on the body. All these are used in crystal healing … [read more]

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Tips On Choosing A Chandelier Light

When we think of chandeliers we think of large elegant rooms usually from ancestral houses. Chandeliers give a touch of class to a room, and your room does not need to be very large for you to use chandelier lights to good effect. There is a large selection of chandelier lights available and they can be anything from the ornate crystal chandelier light, wrought iron black chandelier light or even antler chandeliers. A basic chandelier consists of one tier with some lights mounted on it, decorations of glass and more tiers and designs were added as society developed. Now you can find a 3 light chandelier , a five light chandelier … [read more]

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Haven’t You Got Glass Nail Files Yet?

What are you waiting for? Glass nail files have been around for over 50 years and whilst glass can be fragile it can also be extremely strong – It’s all in how you use it. There are numerous advantages of using glass for nails; the most compelling is the finish that these files can leave your nails with. They are more even ands smoother than you can achieve with an emery board.  Anyway let’s check them out more … [read more]

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